Quantcast Figure  3-2-4.  UHF-AM Have Quick II Radio (An/ARC-164)

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TM  1-1520-240-10 3-2-6            3-2-9.  Conferencing. In the AJ mode, the radio has the capability to receive and  process  two  simultaneous  transmissions  on  the same net. This conferencing capability is selected by the hundredth  and  thousandth  digits  of  WOD  segment  2, loaded using channel position 19 and is disabled when operating in the secure speech mode. In a conference net, the second transmitting radio will automatically shift its transmission frequency by 25 kHz when it monitors a transmission on the primary net fre- quency. The wide band receiver will monitor both trans- missions  without  the  interference  normally  associated with two radio transmitting on the same frequency simul- taneously. Three simultaneous transmissions will create garbled reception. 3-2-10.  Controls and Function, UHF-AM Have Quick II Radio (AN/ARC-164).  (fig. 3-2-4) CONTROL/ INDICATOR FUNCTION Function Select Switch Four position rotary switch used to select radio operating mode. OFF Power to set is disabled; radio set inoperative. MAIN Radio set can be used to transmit and receive; guard re- ceiver inoperative. BOTH Radio set can be used to transmit and receive; guard re- ceiver operates. ADF Not used. Figure  3-2-4.  UHF-AM Have Quick II Radio (An/ARC-164) CONTROLS/ INDICATOR FUNCTION TONE Momentary contact switch. Pressing the TONE switch when in the normal mode en- ables a 1020 Hz tone on the selected frequency, unless TOD has been accepted in which case a1667 Hz-tone is heard prior to the 1020 Hz tone. When A-3-2-T switch is in A, it enables TOD transmis- sion followed by a 1020 Hz tone on the selected frequen- cy. When A-3-2-T switch is in T, it initiates the emergency startup of the TOD clock. When in the load mode. Press- ing the TONE switch with channels 1, 14, or 15 through 20 selected in the manual mode enters the MWOD data into non-volatile memory. Pressing the TONE switch when in the erase mode, erases all MWOD data from non-volatile memory. VOL Rotary control used to adjust radio output volume. SQUELCH Switch Two position toggle switch to select radio squelch mode. OFF Squelch is disabled ON Squelch is enabled Frequency Mode Selector Three position rotary control used to select frequency tun- ing mode. MANUAL Permits manual frequency selection using frequency con- trols. PRESET Permits selection of preset channel frequencies in radio set (maximum of 20 channels). GUARD Automatically disables the anti- jam mode and tunes radio set to guard channel frequency (243.000 MHz). Frequency Selec- tors Five rotary controls used to se- lect radio operating frequency or state.


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