Quantcast 2-22.  BEAMS.

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TM 1-1520-240-BD 2-22.  BEAMS.    The  beams  include  one  beam  on  the crown panel and three beams on each side panel.  The CH-47D has 13 beams on the bottom panel.  The beam on the crown panel extends from sta 320 to 340 on the cl  of  the  fuselage.    The  beams  on  each  side  panel  are those at wl plus 29.0 and minus 16.  Those beams at wl plus  29  extend  from  sta  160  to  440  and  support  the troop seat backrests and litter poles.  The beams at wl 0 extends the same distance.  The beams at wl 16 extend from  sta  140  to  482  and  support  the  troop  seats.    The beams   on   the   bottom   panel   are   the   cargo   tiedown adapter  beams,  forward  landing  gear  support  beams, rescue  hoist  cutout  watertight  beams,  and  the  partial beams in the forward part of the cabin fuselage structure assembly.    Also  the  CH-47D  has  a  forward  and  an  aft cargo  hook  beam.    The  cargo  tiedown  adapter  beams are at bl 0, sta 120 to 320 and 320 to 486, bl 20, each side   of   the   fuselage;   and   bl   44,   each   side   of   the fuselage.  The forward landing gear support beams are between  sta  240  and  260  each  side  of  the  fuselage. The  rescue  hoist  cutout  watertight  beams  extend  from sta  300  to  380,  each  side  of  the  cutout.    The  partial beams  are  between  sta  160  and  200,  at  bl  45.4,  each side  of  the  fuselage.    The  beams  on  the  bottom  panel are sealed for watertightness. a. Negligible    Damage.        Damage    to    fittings    is limited    to    nicks    and    scratches    whose    depth,    after burnishing, does not exceed 10 percent of the thickness of  the  fitting.    Burnished  areas  must  dear  radii,  holes, and fasteners, a minimum of 3/4 inch.  Refer to TM 55- 1520-240-23    for    wear    tolerances    on    support    fitting 114S2834 and the cargo hook beam track 114S5063. b. Reparable Damage.  Refer to TM 55-1520-240- 23. 2-23.  STIFFENERS.  The skin stiffeners are located on the   bottom   panel   and   the   bottom   side   panel.      The transverse stiffeners on the bottom panel, except those encompassing  the  rescue  hatch  cutout,  extend  the  full width of the panel (hinge to hinge) and are formed Zee- sections     of     7075-T6     dad     aluminum     alloy.          The longitudinal   and   transverse   stiffeners   on   the   bottom panel,  reinforcing  the  area  of  the  rescue  hatch  cutout, are extruded sections of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy.  The longitudinal stiffeners on the bottom panel are section of Alcoa    83264    or    AND10136-2006.        The    transverse stiffeners  are  sections  of  Alcoa  83264  or  55794.    The stiffeners   on   the   bottom   side   panels   are   sections   of AND10134-1005,    AND10134-1003,    Alcoa    67580,    or 22477. Reparable.  Refer to TM 55-1520-240-23. 2-24.  FLOORING.  Refer to TM 55-1520-240-23. 2-25.  TUNNEL   COVER   (SANDWICH   HONEYCOMB TYPE).  Refer to TM 55-1520-240-23. 2-26.  POD      INSTALLATION      CABIN      FUSELAGE STRUCTURE ASSEMBLY.  Refer to TM 55-1520-240- 23. 2-27.  BATTERY SHELF.  Refer to TM 55-1520-240-23. 2-28.  DOORS  AND  ACCESS  PANELS.    Refer  to  TM 55-1520-240-23. 2-29.  REPAIR OF NOMEX/FIBERGLASS: FUEL PODS. a. All   core   depressions   greater   than   3   square inches   in   surface   area   and/or   deeper   than   0.10   inch shall  be  considered  to  be  a  puncture  and  be  repaired according  to  the  detailed  procedures  given  in  TM  55- 1520-240-23. b. Honeycomb   repairs;   single   skin   repair,   single skin and core repair, double skin and core repair surlock insert   repair,   delamination   repair   and   skin   puncture repairs are detailed (along with list of materials, process, preparation  and  techniques)  for  nomex/fiberglass  fuel pod repairs in TM 55-1520-240-23. c. Accomplish repairs per TM 55-1520-240-23. d. Inspect repair for voids.  None are permitted. e. Prime and repaint pod as necessary. 2-30.  AFT    FUSELAGE    STRUCTURE    ASSEMBLY. Refer to TM 55-1520-240-23. 2-31.  SKIN. Refer to TM 55-1520-240-23. 2-32.  STRINGERS.  Refer to TM 55-1520-240-23. 2-33.  FORMERS.  Refer to TM 55-1520-240-23. 2-34.  FORMER-STATION  534.    Refer  to  TM  55-1520- 240-23. 2-35.  TAILCONE AUXILIARY POWER UNIT ENCLOSURE.  Refer to TM 55-1520-240-23. 2-77/(2-78 blank)


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